One Night One Hope

Right here in the Bay Area, women and children are desperate for help to escape homelessness and domestic violence. You can be the answer to their prayers through One Night One Hope.

Make TWICE The Impact!

Provide a Night of Hope»

Your gift provides a night of safe shelter and the hope that things can change

“He's not punching me, so it's not abuse... right?” »

That was what Kelsey* told herself about her ex-husband. He held her head underwater. He held a razor to her neck. But because he never punched her, Kelsey had trouble naming it for what it was: abuse.

Kelsey was alone and afraid. Until she experienced One Night One Hope.

From the moment she reached out to her family for help, to the moment her grandmother brought her to Shepherd's Gate, to the moment Kelsey and her infant daughter were shown their own room, they experienced hope.

Now Kelsey is building a new life for her and her daughter. For the first time in her life, she's hitting sobriety milestones. She's receiving therapy to help her process the trauma she's experienced in the past, and knows that because of partners like you, she has hope for the future.

You can help other women like Kelsey when you share One Night One Hope!

*Name changed to protect privacy

Your Gift Provides »

Three Hot


Case Management

Yes! I Will Give Hope »

More Than Shelter » One Night Leads To So Much More

A night of safe shelter is just the first step for women and children escaping abuse and homelessness. Your support helps them also have essential care and life-changing tools so they can overcome the trauma they've experienced. Because of partners like you, they have access to care such as:

  • Recovery programs and classes
  • Outside professional counseling
  • Personalized case management
  • Biblical studies
  • Finance, parenting and budgeting classes
  • Learning & Career center
  • Continued support through the Alumni Program
  • Full nursery and after-school program for children. Plus the professional therapy they need.
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