One Night One Hope

Women and children who are experiencing domestic abuse and violence are desperate for help.

You can give them a night of safety in God's love through the Shepherd's Gate campaign, One Night One Hope.

Give a Night of Hope

It Starts With One Night

You can help a woman and her children feel safe when you provide the first night of shelter and care at Shepherd’s Gate. Your support welcomes a desperate mom in from the horrors of abuse and addiction. When you provide their first night, you’re providing the first chance for them to feel safety and hope.

Your gift of one night provides:

3 Hot meals

Safe Shelter

Case Management

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Evie’s Story »

Evie* is only 8 years old, but already she’s experienced horrific trauma. She’s seen her dad beat her mom. She’s heard her mom cry and beg for him to stop. Before she came to Shepherd’s Gate, all Evie had known was fear. She didn’t know what it meant to feel safe or have hope for the future.

But everything changed when Evie and her mom came to Shepherd’s Gate. She now has a safe place to sleep every night and healthy meals to eat. Evie also has her own outside therapist that comes to our campus to help her heal. She’s overcoming the pain and hurt and learning that life can change. Evie’s mom is also learning how to overcome her past and build a better, brighter future for both of them!

*Evie’s name and likeness have been changed to protect her privacy and to protect her. Though it is not her picture, it is her story and sadly the story of too many children like Evie.

More Than a Shelter: One Night Leads To So Much More

Support from partners like you helps women and children receive the essential care and life-changing tools they need to overcome whatever trauma they’ve endured. Just like each woman and child is unique, so is their journey to recovery. Your support gives them access to care such as:

  • Recovery programs and classes
  • Outside professional counseling
  • Case management to work on every aspect of their lives
  • Biblical studies and devotions
  • Life-Skills classes such as finance, parenting and budgeting
  • Assistance to navigate through legal issues
  • Learning & Career center for job-skills
  • Child-specific care such as tutoring, art therapy, and partnerships with professional play therapists
  • Two campuses (Livermore & Brentwood) to care for all the critical needs of women and their children